About KST

  •  I really enjoy creating cool photos that make people happy and successful!

  • A GREAT SHOOT has tons of nuances. Lot's of personality! 

  • It's that ENERGY you see and feel that makes a GREAT SHOT that BOOKS!

  • That's what you'll get with OUR SHOOTS!

  • I've been working in the L.A. market for over 10 years ( & I've shot many NYC Actors too. )

  •   My approach is organized, relaxed and creative. 

  • If you hate having your picture taken.. I get it! So do I! Which makes me a better photographer. I understand what you're going through.

  • Since 2005 I've been saying.. " I shoot photos of you, the way I would want my photos to be shot!"  Sort of a "do unto others" vibe. I live & work by it.

On my shoots, we laugh.
We have fun.


  •  I always meet with you first to look at wardrobe & style the looks. ( Have a stylist you work with? Awesome! I love working with talented stylist's.)

  • My wardrobe meeting is designed to break the ice, so you feel comfortable & I ask questions about your marketing etc. When you come in to shoot.. It feels like we're old friends!

  • This saves time & adds production value to the photos too. 

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Before photography I was a talent manager
  • Before photography I was a talent manager and consultant for 8 years. My clients booked: series regulars, recurring, guest star, supporting / leads in feature films, commercials & voice over.
My photos have been seen in : The National Portrait Gallery , PEOPLE


  • My photos have been seen in: The National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C., PEOPLE, Vogue, Buzzfeed, GMA, US and other National & International outlets.  
Did you know that every photo has a secret?
Keli Squires Taylor_self ©.jpg

This is a photo of me when I was lost in thought before a shoot. It was shot by the lovely & talented Daren Scott.



Did you know that every photo has a secret? 



Whether its something said in the moment.. A thought. A feeling. Or in this case.. Deep in thought with rollers in my "har" & catching a smoke ( I've quit since). All of which has been cropped out etc. 



Which is why editing / retouching is important. You can keep the secrets and remove the distractions and create a different feeling.





When I’m not shooting pics..

When I'm not shooting pics..

I'm editing.


And then I hang out with these cute little nuggets.



"Brando" as in Marlon and Miss Zoey Grace. :)


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IMG_0320 copy copy 2.jpg




-Sheila Cutchlow

I’ve already booked a HONDA commercial & made my investment back” - Sean Lucero

My first shoot with Keli, she really helped me break out of my shell.




Very helpful techniques & inside info from someone with experience! 



I already BOOKED a HONDA commercial & I've made my investment back!



Recently shot again for our 2nd shoot!   


Got a great mix of commercial, theatrical & some dope editorial shots for social media!



Her quirky sense of humor makes her a joy to work with!


 I recommend her to everyone!



She elevated my relevance in the industry quickly.


 Keli's work is kicking doors open!




-Sean Lucero 

I’ve worked with many other photographers but no one seemed to capture exactly who I am like Keli did!
Jayde Keif_2_KST.jpg

 Keli Squires Taylor, THE creative force behind great headshots!



Keli thinks about the details.


She took the time to get to know me, my brand.


She wanted to know exactly what I needed and how we were going to get there together. 



Our first visit was a complete hair / wardrobe consultation, followed by open communication of ideas and inspiration. 



 Day of shoot, hair and make up, test shots and well thought out backgrounds and locations.



She captured me in the moment.



I’ve worked with many talented photographers, but no one seem to capture exactly who I am like Keli did. 



 Keli, she is 100% focused.


She is an artist, an expert, a calculated risk taker who knows what works… she creates fabulous headshots!!!





– Jayde Keif

I first shot with Keli in 2009. Those shots have worked for the last 8 years

I first shot with Keli in 2009.


 She came highly recommended by my agent.


She was really helpful in picking out wardrobe & putting things together I would have never thought of.  


Keli's shots were so good that I didn't take new ones until now because they worked for 8 years!  



I was constantly sent out on auditions because of her shots!  Flash forward to 2017 and since her photos worked so well & her prices are so reasonable I shot with Keli again.




Keli is so personable & went beyond the normal services of a headshot photographer.


During the shoot , it felt like we were just hanging out & happened to be shooting pictures, haha.


I highly recommend Keli to anyone looking to take headshots.


And gain a valuable advocate for your career at the same time!  -  



Rona Par



PHOTOS have been up a couple of weeks & I've had five auditions!



-Scott Hamm


I've booked over 10 national commercials. - Frankie Ray

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