#KId #Teen #Actors BOOK! #DreamCamp 14 AGENTS & CASTING DIRECTORS July 25th-29th

While I was in New York a couple weeks ago, I shot photos of a super cool cat! And a really kind & lovely person to boot, Walid Chaya.

Photo below. He has kind eyes! 

Walid Chaya (1) WEB_Walid_Promo.jpg

Walid is not only a great actor ( repped by Circle Talent & Abrams Artists) Walid is also the Program Director of  kids and teen actors workshops for the Actor Connection in New York and I can understand why! 

They do some GREAT stuff at the ActorConnection in NYC!

I was really impressed!



14 Casting Directors, Agents and Film & TV Stars this JULY 25th -29th



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#ACTORHEADSHOT Transformations that create RANGE and get YOU work!

I love to create transformations that create RANGE for actors!

This post is about a lovely mega-talented actress, Madonna Magee!

Madonna has been an actress for over 40 years and has taught acting for many years as well! 

Acting is in her blood!

At any rate..As you can see Madonna had a good standard headshot but her agent referred her to me to get many other looks/categories that they could use to submit for other kinds of characters/ roles.

The first thing.. We did was talk about hair and how she could have a BIG range

if she got some clip in extensions or wigs. 

You really have to decide for yourself which is easier to work with.

Some folks love working with wigs, while others really enjoy playing with clip in extensions.

And so.. Madonna and I discussed hair styles ( braids, layered look, short, long etc.) and then I set Madonna up with one of my lovely & talented make-up artists who accompanies clients to the hair shop and helps them try on wigs and extensions.

 We talked about braids and getting a much fuller look in general since Madonna's hair is naturally a very fine texture. Clients also enjoy a nice discount on whatever they order through my mu artist!

Then we went over wardrobe and worked with pairing wardrobe with each hair look and working within the specific categories the agent had requested.

It's a lot of work and planning but worth it to see the end result!

Here is the before photo that Madonna had been using for a couple of years. It's a nice straightforward headshot:


Before Shot

And now.. The AFTER SHOT..



AFTER SHOTS with New Hair & New Photos!


And.. Now you can see.. This actor now has OPTIONS!

These are just some of the looks I pulled. 

We have one more shoot to do and that shoot will be the last four looks that the agent requested!

Most of the time with shoots like this, where we are creating several looks, I like to shoot half the looks ( 4-5 looks) on one day and then the other half of looks ( 4-5) on another day.

It keeps YOU the client feeling fresh since it is a loooong day to shoot 8-10 looks and tiring to change your perspective / energy for each look / character.

And by splitting this kind of shoot off over two sessions it allows us to create theatrical

and some creative shots for social media too!


You may be wondering.. Jeeze.. Why so many looks?

Madonna's agent is a top commercial agent here in Los Angeles and his approach for their clients is to have them shoot very specific categories so the agency can submit on the nuance of the breakdown of the casting.  You can see here.. Hippie lady, grandma, professor/teacher / office lady, librarian etc. and the last shot in blue shirt is more of a theatrical shot for roles like the one Madonna played on Criminal Minds last year. Of an older woman with Alzheimer's dealing with the loss of her son.

I also take into consideration what theatrical looks a client needs from a shoot as well.

And.. Here it is!


Madonna Magee at Keli Squires Taylor Photography Photoshoot. #actorheadshots #newheadshots

A great transformation that has created OPTIONS for Madonna!


I just posted this a couple of hours ago.. And I just received a great testimonial from Madonna!

Here is part of it:  

Keli Squires Taylor photography is the best experience I have ever had with taking headshots!

Each photo is unique and captures exactly who I am in a range of character types that went far beyond my expectations. 

She gave her full attention to me ... she guided me and personally cared enough to take all the time we needed to work on this together.  She was always available to work with me ... to share her expertise openly and precisely and creativity every step of the way.  

Not a single question I had was scoffed at or brushed aside. THAT degree of personal attention and authentic enthusiasm about my shoot was infectious and I found myself actually fully invested in this formerly DREADED TASK with confidence and JOY!! That was certainly not expected at ALL!  

I only wish I had worked with Keli sooner and I certainly will be doing all my future headshot sessions with her. I don't hesitate for a second to recommend her to you and You and YOU! 

- Madonna Magee

Stay tuned. I will post an update with more photos from our second shoot!



Keli Squires Taylor Photography

KST Creative











Meditate Create Appreciate

OKAY.. SO WHAT IS THIS Meditate Create Appreciate on my web site?

Web site tag for KST.jpg



Well.. It's my mantra. It only took me ten flippin years to figure out the very simple practice of meditation and now I meditate every day without fail. Even if it's just for seven minutes. It gives me an inner strength and calm that has made a big difference in my life!

And it's super simple to do! 

Start with closing your eyes and just follow your breath. You can say in your mind breathing in ..Breathing out..Breathing in..Breathing out. Thoughts will come up. Let them go & bring your attention back to your breath.

Sound boring & mundane? 

Well.. I'm here to tell you.. It's magical!

You'll forget what you were worried about. And it also gives your mind a rest

from all of those constant thoughts that we have during the day. All day long!

And that's HUGE! And so good for your mind!

And over the new couple of weeks, you will feel that inner strength developing & you'll feel calmer and stronger!

If you like to meditate with sound and you like to set a timer, the app. I use is called : Meditation and Relaxation. Here's the app. Info. You can find it in apple AND google stores.

I do pay $2.99 a month for access to the single sessions. 

Just open app. Click on single sessions and then I click on Minimal Guidance. From there depending on how much time I have.. I will either do a quick 7 mins. if there's no time and this is one I usually do before a meeting or a photo shoot. Or there is 14 mins. And 21 mins. when you have time. It has some sound/music and just a minimal voice guidance that checks in halfway. 

It's my go-to mediation app!

If you find music and sound distracting..Then just set an alarm on your phone and sit in peace & quiet and enjoy! You may start to enjoy your meditation time so much.. That for me when I have a day to myself... I will sit for an hour and meditate. And..I always feel better afterwards! Guaranteed!

Okay.. So... It's Meditate Create Appreciate

Web site tag for KST.jpg


The creative part for me is when I shoot! I lose myself in what I'm doing!

I could be having a crappy day.. Like everyone.. I've had some tough moments that I had to work through.. But when I'm there with a client ..Everything else takes a backseat! I'm so focused on what I'm doing that I forget everything else and I get into the moment of creating moments!

I lose myself in perspective. I work with the energy around me. In front of me. And I create.

Just like when you were a child. You would lose yourself in the world of play!

And.. It really elevates your mood! There is such a FUN satisfaction to creating in the moment and then looking at the moments in the camera... There's nothing like it! And I am able to do it every time! Even in difficult situations. The magic is still there at your fingertips to create something wonderful & special!

 Whether you're a photographer, an actor, artist, musician whatever it is that you do.. To lose yourself in the moment is key!


Okay.. Lastly, what's the Appreciate about? Right?! It's Meditate Create Appreciate.

Well.. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's the practice of gratitude. It's also the practice of shifting your focus to the positives in your life! And ..Let me tell ya.. This is not always easy to do! We so often are not aware of how much we worry! Thus .. By worrying we are focussing on the negatives.

And.. By doing that my loves.. Only brings more of THAT energy to you! So.. To break that cycle I keep a running list of things I appreciate and  I'm grateful for so my focus is on those things!

You can just keep a daily list or if you want something more interactive there is a great app. I use called : 365 Gratitude Journal

It gives you writing exercises that get you more involved in the practice of gratitude. It's a cool little app. that will keep your interest!

And.. There it is!

Meditate = building inner strength and calm.

Create: Focus in the moment of play = Create. Lose yourself in the moment!

Appreciate: Shift your focus to all of the people and the little & big things that you're grateful for! 

This is the simple practice of my life & it's given me strength and joy and all kinds of good stuff!

I wish for you all good stuff in your life! 

Keli :D












Just to fill in a little history here.. I am a Los Angeles Photographer but I have shot headshots of  #NYACTORS and my photos have worked so well for my NYC clients that.. They couldn't make it out to L.A. this time and with scheduling etc. They are flying me out there to NYC!


So..I will be in NYC, Manhattan next week March 20th - 26th shooting #headshots

There are three shoots available. One on the 23rd, one on the 24th, and the 25th. And we may add one shoot time on 24th & 25th!

The deal is two looks, two retouched photos $350 and includes a pre-shoot wardrobe & marketing consult! Super helpful &  ($150 value!)

* Forgot to add... We can shoot COMMERCIAL or THEATRICAL legit shots AND, YES! We can shoot BOTH!

If you are interested in shooting, CALL NOW!

 So we can discuss your marketing!

And if you’re looking for representation etc. in the NYC, LA or Atlanta markets!

We discuss your wardrobe and what to bring for each look that will RANGE out & cover other looks!  And what’s best to market YOU!

I create images that help get YOU BOOKED!

And I care!

And that's why.. I like to discuss you & look at your marketing & reel too!

Please email me your web site link ( if you have one) or a link to your reel and current headshot / resume to : KSTCREATIVE@gmail.com and which date you are interested in booking and if you would like morning or afternoon!

 A $50 deposit is required to reserve your shoot!

I have over 20 years experience in the industry & as a photographer my client's BOOK in ALL markets!

We have FUN on my shoots too!  You’ll feel comfortable, get time, industry expertise, a lot of great nuanced shots that look like you and show your personality and give you RANGE!

If the weather is cold we will be shooting at the Actors Connection in Manhattan with natural & studio light! Call Now 323 854 0007 for more info & to BOOK! Thank you mucho & I hope to see you in New York! - Keli :D

NOTE: If you call me during the day on Tuesday the 20th , I will be flying!

So.. Please call after

4:00 pm!  ( east coast)

Thank you mucho!



WEB_NYC_Promo_KST_1 copy.jpg


WOW!  Happy Holidays & A Happy New Year!

If you want to get a head start on 2018 

Get my FREE 20 min. Career Consultation!

A lot of great folks have & they're glad they did!

I hope you do too!

Just fill out the form below & I will get back to you 

& set up a time for your free career consult!


You may either call direct 323 854 0007 or text to schedule an appointment time.

Or.. You Can fill out form below and I will contact you.

Be sure and include your website address  ( if you have one) and any other information

So I can check out your info & where you are right now in the industry!

The more info you give me the more I can help YOU!



Here's to your SUCCESS!


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I heart Woody Allen..Still

Growing up I LOVED Woody Allen! Annie Hall, still one of my favorite films. Manhattan. Hannah & Her Sisters, Crimes & Misdemeanors My favorite films always have Woody Allen in them.  It's funny.. I think of Louis C.K. as a sort of modern day Woody Allen. At any rate I stumbled across this interview with Woody Allen and I thought it was interesting. He talks about making films now and shooting in London, story, writing, actors etc. Making a musical movie for people who don't sing and dance. And ..He's still funny and you know.. Woody Allen. Enjoy!

11 MOVIES you need to see before the end of 2017

Looking for a good movie to escape in? Relax & check out the 11 must see flicks of 2017!

Looking for a good movie to escape in? Relax & check out the 11 must see flicks of 2017!11 Movies you need to see before the end of 2017


Coffin 2 - Coming soon to you!




We recently shot an alternate movie cover for Coffin 2.



Pretty fun. One of the actors and producers on the film, Scott Hamm got to hold a prop gun and wear a tight black t-shirt. Lol..

I like these kind of shoots because you get to act. Actually ..I encourage actors to act in their head shot / portrait sessions and I can always tell if a client has dropped it or no longer in the moment. I bust you! Haha.. It's true. Ask any of my clients. As a result.. You get better pictures!

Getting back to Coffin:2. It's really good. Takes you on a fun ride! 

You may have see the original "Coffin" with Kevin Sorbo and this is the sequel.

Look for it on Amazon, Red Box coming soon! 

Check out the promo here: 

Efren Ramirez : New movie premiere tonight "Mad Family" & Books TNT Series

WOOO HOOOO !!! Efren Ramirez has a big comedy movie premiering  January 12th 2017 on CRACKLE "Mad Families" starring Efren , Charlie Sheen, Leah Remini, Charlotte McKinney and a whole bunch of other funny great talented actors! It's what happens when you stick three different families in one campsite over Fourth of July weekend! You can stream it for free on Crackle! IMDB article : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6086080/news?ref_=tt_nwr_2#ni60632553

WOOO HOOO !!! Hey, why do I always say WOO HOO ?! Anyway, Efren Ramirez has a BIG BOOKING it's a series reg. role on the new Rod Lurie drama for TNT " Monsters Of God".

I have shot Efren and I can tell you that he is a deeply talented actor! Bet we will see some incredible work from Efren on this new series! Congrats!

Deadline article: http://deadline.com/2016/11/jim-true-frost-cast-lead-rod-lurie-tnt-drama-pilot-monsters-of-god-1201855570/

Matt Champagne BOOKS 9 Commercials!

I shot new head shots of Matt Champagne June 2015 and 18 months later.. He's booked 9 COMMERCIALS! Matt is with Coast To Coast Talent Group agent is Hugh Leon. 



© Photos : Keli Squires Taylor Photography

December 2016 issue of PEOPLE magazine - Evan Antin

I'm a little late with posting this. December was all about getting over the cold / flu that had decided to nestle in and stay a while. :} At any rate.. The December issue of PEOPLE declared HOT VET Evan Antin " MEET THE PEOPLE PET VET DR. EVAN ANTIN" , An animal Doc with a Wild Side. They used one of my photos FEATURED PHOTO: Evan and the African Serval "Mondo" from my publicity shoot with Evan Antin at the amazing Animal Tracks. An animal sanctuary that you too can visit and experience these gorgeous animals!

Go take a tour and meet the animals! It's FANTASTIC!

Web site: http://animaltracksinc.org/

Congratulations to EVAN ANTIN on being featured in the NOVEMBER issue of PEOPLE Magazine (see my other post) and the DECEMBER issue of PEOPLE too! I'm thrilled for Evan and it's great to see the photos we did together get some PR! 

Danny De Lillo - NewFilmmakers Los Angeles appoints Actor Danny De Lillo Chairman of the Board

Actor producer Host believer Danny De Lillo is one of my FAVORITE people!

I am a little late in posting this.. Blame the flu I had in December. 

PR NEWSWIRE Announcement in New York , Time Square that New Filmmakers Los Angeles has appointed Actor Danny De Lillo Chairman of the Board. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of Danny and I'm kinda thrilled to see the head shot we did on the big screen in Time Square! 




Isaac Keys BOOKED

YAY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it when I hear of clients BOOKING! Just heard that Isaac Keys booked a recurring role on a pilot ( I'm not allowed to say what pilot yet ..but it's a good one with a great production company and a good network ) AND.. Isaac booked a national Mercedes commercial! WOOHOO Congrats Isaac Keys! :D



Sweet BEE Magic - Save your skin!

It's tuesday Nov 29th 2016 and it's feeling a lot like winter! Even by L.A. standards! 

I don't know about you but.. My skin had been getting crazy!

One day it was itchy and dry, the next itchy and oily! 

A couple of weeks ago it started looking corse. I said to my mom in my best jersey accent " Ma! What the hell?! Do you see what I'm seeing?! My skin looks like crap!" 

Of course my Mom never lies to me and she agreed my skin was looking completely wack. Totally stressed me out. :} And.. Guess what? I had ran out of my sweet "BEE Magic" and foolishly thought I could get by without it for the last month.  Silly Keli!  :)

I ran, not walked but ran to my local Whole Foods, hey I needed to pick up some almond milk barista style and a piece of chocolate raspberry cake with real raspberries, so delicious! Wow do I sound LA or what?! I walked into WF and there it was like a ray of sunshine! "Medicine Mama's sweet BEE Magic" All in one healing cream!! 

Ingredients: organic extra olive, fruit oil, organic cera alba ( beeswax), organic honey, propolis extract, bee pollen, royal jelly. 

MY SKIN HAS RETURNED! YAY! No more dry itchy skin. Texture of my skin has done a complete 180 and I'm looking like me again! Woo Hoo! :D

For those of you who like Egyptian Magik face cream, I find that BEE Magic works even better on my skin and it costs much less!

You can get a small jar of Bee Magic at Whole Foods to try out for around $20 or less when it's on sale. Remember when you buy anything at Whole Foods keep your receipt. If you buy a bottle of sweet BEE Magic and you don't like it, take it back with your receipt and Whole Foods will give you a full refund.

But.. If you have dry problem skin try BEE Magic you're gonna love it! :D

Let the healing begin!

Thanks for checking out my ninja blog!  

Your pal, KST :D






Evan Antin #People magazines #sexiest Veterinarian / Nov. 2016

Couple days ago I had just finished shooting photos of a lovely young actress. It was an all day shoot. After my client and M/U artist left I was hungry, tired and curious about what I missed while I was working. I sat down in my favorite chair and checked my phone for notifications. I was thrilled to see my photo of Dr. Evan Antin in the November 2016 issue of PEOPLE magazine sexiest man alive issue! ( YAY!) :)

Photo of Evan Antin by Keli Squires Taylor

Since I shot Evan's photos he is up to 601K followers on instagam : @dr.evanantin

I am also thrilled for Evan that he shares a page with DRAKE, Nick Jonas, and comedian Keegan-Michael Key. 

I love this shoot because we shot at this amazing animal sanctuary just 10 mins. from Santa Clarita :  Animal Tracks

You and your family can visit Animal Tracks and take a tour & interact with all of the gorgeous animals! Yes, I am plugging Animal Tracks. They are amazing! Between Evan Antin and the animals at Animal Tracks, I actually would take a min. while I was shooting and just.. Let the gratitude wash over me! Lol.. To photograph a handsome man like Evan who is also sweet and generous and then add these beautiful animals well, I was in heaven!

I also found another photo of Evan Antin and one of the awesome wolves that lives at Animal Tracks in an article from PEOPLEpets exclusively from INSTYLE featuring Evan and other adorable dog dads : These Sexy Men Prove They're Dog's Best Friend

On the PEOPLEpets article they gave me photo credit (YAY!) I love it when they post the photo credit but they didn't spell my name correctly. It is "Keli Squires Taylor". Yep. One "L" and one"i" "KELI" my Mom God bless her thought the spelling was French and actually it's Hawaiian. :)

Dr.Evan Antin photo by Keli Squires Taylor

Check out Evan's instagram @dr.evanantin If you love animals and like to learn about them, you will really enjoy Evan's feed!





Dr. Evan Antin #HotVet and #Internetsensation 230k Followers

Dr. Evan Antin #HotVet and #Internetsensation  230k Followers

Check out #PEOPLE magazines "Sexiest Beast Charmer" and real life #Hot veterinarian Dr.Evan Antin

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