Book your NIGHT shoot!

It's officially summer time which means long hot summer days! I love summer it's one of my favorite seasons but I like to cool off at night. That's when I do my best creative stuff. After the heat has subsided and you feel like you can focus again. A cool drink, positive vibes and the creative ideas are flowing!

I set up a studio space 3 months ago and I love it! 

And.. I just got 11 new backgrounds! Woo hoo!

I love the quality of the light. The convenience of having the powder room & the kitchen at my beck & call.  It's a new space to play & I'm digging it!

Plus you add in my JUNE SUMMER SPECIAL for three looks / pre shoot wardrobe and the light is soooooo good in here that I'm including video actor slates on each look! It's looks amazing! 

Call now to reserve your spot! June is coming to a close & you don't want to miss it!


KEEP COOL_Card.jpg



YOUR 3 look SHOOT NOW! :)

Keep cool & get shots that BOOK! :D