Daniel Craig might be AMAZING in Logan Lucky

I kinda wanna see "Logan Lucky" the new Steven Sodebergh's film starring Channing Tatum who looks believable. Adam Driver who's always notably quirky. And.. Daniel Craig like we've never seen him before! Who knew Daniel Craig was a character actor?! I didn't and I'm intrigued. There's more great cast. Hilary Swank. Katie Holmes. Riley Keough, Seth MacFarlane. The list goes on. Story looks edgy & funny and the performances may just be great enough to keep my attention and carry me through to the end. And nowadays.. That's saying something. Besides Logan Lucky has been described as "Steven's Sodebergh's giant middle finger to Ocean's Eleven" and that's kinda cool! You gotta like that..Right?! 


Link to trailer :  https://youtu.be/aPzvKH8AVf0

Must see..