UGLY Characters that are really HOT! Thesy Surface #14 Hot

UPDATE: The ON-line magazine TheTalko did give me photo credit! 

That was cool! Everyone loves getting credit where credit is due! 

Thank you, TheTalko!  ( pronounced like " the talk O")

Here is a link to their YOUTUBE Channel  

If you're into celebrity facts, pics , fashion, fun.. Ooooo they got me. I clicked on 20 things you didn't know about Ariana Grande.  Actually it was interesting. Okay get the gist.

I blogged about post below that featured Thesy Surface & the "HOT" & hideous chick fest & that the on line magazine the theTalko did not post photo credit. ( They have since posted credit.)

You know.. Karma nevers misses an opportunity! 

Once I left a comment on a clients page " Great post & nice article! Congrats! Would have really appreciated photo credit" only to scroll on about 10 comments later to see that someone had posted to the actor, "Hey they forgot to credit you in that episode! That sucks!"

And.. There ya go. Everybody likes to receive credit!

Hey, here is the fun post about UGLY TV Characters who are really HOT!

#14 is Thesy Surface and I shot the "HOT" photo for a fun publicity shoot we did to show

exactly how Hot Thesy really is compared to the hideous hilarious character she plays on Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Lol..

And please ..ALWAYS include photo credit and any other credits. Give credit where credit is due. It's the classy thing to do!

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"HOT" photo by Keli Squires Taylor Photography