Just to fill in a little history here.. I am a Los Angeles Photographer but I have shot headshots of  #NYACTORS and my photos have worked so well for my NYC clients that.. They couldn't make it out to L.A. this time and with scheduling etc. They are flying me out there to NYC!


So..I will be in NYC, Manhattan next week March 20th - 26th shooting #headshots

There are three shoots available. One on the 23rd, one on the 24th, and the 25th. And we may add one shoot time on 24th & 25th!

The deal is two looks, two retouched photos $350 and includes a pre-shoot wardrobe & marketing consult! Super helpful &  ($150 value!)

* Forgot to add... We can shoot COMMERCIAL or THEATRICAL legit shots AND, YES! We can shoot BOTH!

If you are interested in shooting, CALL NOW!

 So we can discuss your marketing!

And if you’re looking for representation etc. in the NYC, LA or Atlanta markets!

We discuss your wardrobe and what to bring for each look that will RANGE out & cover other looks!  And what’s best to market YOU!

I create images that help get YOU BOOKED!

And I care!

And that's why.. I like to discuss you & look at your marketing & reel too!

Please email me your web site link ( if you have one) or a link to your reel and current headshot / resume to : KSTCREATIVE@gmail.com and which date you are interested in booking and if you would like morning or afternoon!

 A $50 deposit is required to reserve your shoot!

I have over 20 years experience in the industry & as a photographer my client's BOOK in ALL markets!

We have FUN on my shoots too!  You’ll feel comfortable, get time, industry expertise, a lot of great nuanced shots that look like you and show your personality and give you RANGE!

If the weather is cold we will be shooting at the Actors Connection in Manhattan with natural & studio light! Call Now 323 854 0007 for more info & to BOOK! Thank you mucho & I hope to see you in New York! - Keli :D

NOTE: If you call me during the day on Tuesday the 20th , I will be flying!

So.. Please call after

4:00 pm!  ( east coast)

Thank you mucho!



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