Matt Champagne BOOKS 9 Commercials!

I shot new head shots of Matt Champagne June 2015 and 18 months later.. He's booked 9 COMMERCIALS! Matt is with Coast To Coast Talent Group agent is Hugh Leon. 



© Photos : Keli Squires Taylor Photography

December 2016 issue of PEOPLE magazine - Evan Antin

I'm a little late with posting this. December was all about getting over the cold / flu that had decided to nestle in and stay a while. :} At any rate.. The December issue of PEOPLE declared HOT VET Evan Antin " MEET THE PEOPLE PET VET DR. EVAN ANTIN" , An animal Doc with a Wild Side. They used one of my photos FEATURED PHOTO: Evan and the African Serval "Mondo" from my publicity shoot with Evan Antin at the amazing Animal Tracks. An animal sanctuary that you too can visit and experience these gorgeous animals!

Go take a tour and meet the animals! It's FANTASTIC!

Web site:

Congratulations to EVAN ANTIN on being featured in the NOVEMBER issue of PEOPLE Magazine (see my other post) and the DECEMBER issue of PEOPLE too! I'm thrilled for Evan and it's great to see the photos we did together get some PR! 

Danny De Lillo - NewFilmmakers Los Angeles appoints Actor Danny De Lillo Chairman of the Board

Actor producer Host believer Danny De Lillo is one of my FAVORITE people!

I am a little late in posting this.. Blame the flu I had in December. 

PR NEWSWIRE Announcement in New York , Time Square that New Filmmakers Los Angeles has appointed Actor Danny De Lillo Chairman of the Board. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of Danny and I'm kinda thrilled to see the head shot we did on the big screen in Time Square! 




Isaac Keys BOOKED

YAY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it when I hear of clients BOOKING! Just heard that Isaac Keys booked a recurring role on a pilot ( I'm not allowed to say what pilot yet ..but it's a good one with a great production company and a good network ) AND.. Isaac booked a national Mercedes commercial! WOOHOO Congrats Isaac Keys! :D



Sweet BEE Magic - Save your skin!

It's tuesday Nov 29th 2016 and it's feeling a lot like winter! Even by L.A. standards! 

I don't know about you but.. My skin had been getting crazy!

One day it was itchy and dry, the next itchy and oily! 

A couple of weeks ago it started looking corse. I said to my mom in my best jersey accent " Ma! What the hell?! Do you see what I'm seeing?! My skin looks like crap!" 

Of course my Mom never lies to me and she agreed my skin was looking completely wack. Totally stressed me out. :} And.. Guess what? I had ran out of my sweet "BEE Magic" and foolishly thought I could get by without it for the last month.  Silly Keli!  :)

I ran, not walked but ran to my local Whole Foods, hey I needed to pick up some almond milk barista style and a piece of chocolate raspberry cake with real raspberries, so delicious! Wow do I sound LA or what?! I walked into WF and there it was like a ray of sunshine! "Medicine Mama's sweet BEE Magic" All in one healing cream!! 

Ingredients: organic extra olive, fruit oil, organic cera alba ( beeswax), organic honey, propolis extract, bee pollen, royal jelly. 

MY SKIN HAS RETURNED! YAY! No more dry itchy skin. Texture of my skin has done a complete 180 and I'm looking like me again! Woo Hoo! :D

For those of you who like Egyptian Magik face cream, I find that BEE Magic works even better on my skin and it costs much less!

You can get a small jar of Bee Magic at Whole Foods to try out for around $20 or less when it's on sale. Remember when you buy anything at Whole Foods keep your receipt. If you buy a bottle of sweet BEE Magic and you don't like it, take it back with your receipt and Whole Foods will give you a full refund.

But.. If you have dry problem skin try BEE Magic you're gonna love it! :D

Let the healing begin!

Thanks for checking out my ninja blog!  

Your pal, KST :D






Evan Antin #People magazines #sexiest Veterinarian / Nov. 2016

Couple days ago I had just finished shooting photos of a lovely young actress. It was an all day shoot. After my client and M/U artist left I was hungry, tired and curious about what I missed while I was working. I sat down in my favorite chair and checked my phone for notifications. I was thrilled to see my photo of Dr. Evan Antin in the November 2016 issue of PEOPLE magazine sexiest man alive issue! ( YAY!) :)

Photo of Evan Antin by Keli Squires Taylor

Since I shot Evan's photos he is up to 601K followers on instagam : @dr.evanantin

I am also thrilled for Evan that he shares a page with DRAKE, Nick Jonas, and comedian Keegan-Michael Key. 

I love this shoot because we shot at this amazing animal sanctuary just 10 mins. from Santa Clarita :  Animal Tracks

You and your family can visit Animal Tracks and take a tour & interact with all of the gorgeous animals! Yes, I am plugging Animal Tracks. They are amazing! Between Evan Antin and the animals at Animal Tracks, I actually would take a min. while I was shooting and just.. Let the gratitude wash over me! Lol.. To photograph a handsome man like Evan who is also sweet and generous and then add these beautiful animals well, I was in heaven!

I also found another photo of Evan Antin and one of the awesome wolves that lives at Animal Tracks in an article from PEOPLEpets exclusively from INSTYLE featuring Evan and other adorable dog dads : These Sexy Men Prove They're Dog's Best Friend

On the PEOPLEpets article they gave me photo credit (YAY!) I love it when they post the photo credit but they didn't spell my name correctly. It is "Keli Squires Taylor". Yep. One "L" and one"i" "KELI" my Mom God bless her thought the spelling was French and actually it's Hawaiian. :)

Dr.Evan Antin photo by Keli Squires Taylor

Check out Evan's instagram @dr.evanantin If you love animals and like to learn about them, you will really enjoy Evan's feed!





Dr. Evan Antin #HotVet and #Internetsensation 230k Followers

Check out #PEOPLE magazines "Sexiest Beast Charmer" and real life #Hot veterinarian Dr.Evan Antin

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