Dr. Evan Antin #HotVet and #Internetsensation 230k Followers

So this happened. I got the dream gig of a lifetime! Yep, I got to shoot cool photos with adorable animals and really really really good looking hot internet sensation and real life Veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin

See.. I told you it was a great gig!

Dr.Evan Antin / Photo: Keli Squires Taylor

Evan is a real life Veterinarian here in Los Angeles

with model looks & a big heart!

It's no surprise that he recently gained over 100,000 followers

in less than a week! 

Evan was also featured on Good Morning America, Buzz Feed, Huffington Post 

Elle  http://www.elle.com/culture/news/a33621/super-hot-vet/, Us Weekly and was proclaimed by PEOPLE magazine as the "Sexiest Beast Charmer".

What's very interesting about Evan is he loves to travel to some

 exotic country in the middle of a jungle and find and pick up off the jungle floor, a deadly poisonous snake and HOLD IT! While talking about it in detail, on camera!

 Seriously. Go check out his Youtube channel Wild Vet  

and watch him pull a dragon / American alligator out of the water!  

We shot all of these photos at Animal Tracks http:www.animaltracksinc.org

This amazing animal sanctuary just 10 mins. from Santa Clarita.

Check out their web site : Animal Tracks.

You can book a tour and bring  your family

& friends!  

Meet my favorite baboon "Crissy" pictured here having an awesome time with Evan! She was so patient! They say never work with kids and animals but Crissy was adorable! By the way, I HATE snakes! After working with Evan on this shoot and watching him handle this python, who would actually make these cute sounds and I gotta say.. was also very patient and lovely to work with! I still did not touch it or hold it but I feel less afraid then before and that's a good thing!

I really love Crissy! I wanted to take her home,

 dress her up & she would be my little

baboon daughter!  Animal Tracks has a swing set for her and she looks so cute playing on the swings!

Check out more photos of Evan under SOCIAL MEDIA

here on my web site. 

Social media photography is new and I'm really excited about it!

It gives me as a photographer / artist / content provider the freedom to think outside the box!

Cool photos and video = dynamic content!

In a social media photo shoot - we can design and shoot 

 images that will elevate your profile / followers and marketing!

Mix professional images with photos that you and your friends take in real time of your interests and experiences and those two elements will draw people in and establish your voice!

I'd like to thank Evan Antin, my make-up artist Rita Montanez and the folks at Animal Tracks for making this a really wonderful experience!