December 2016 issue of PEOPLE magazine - Evan Antin

I'm a little late with posting this. December was all about getting over the cold / flu that had decided to nestle in and stay a while. :} At any rate.. The December issue of PEOPLE declared HOT VET Evan Antin " MEET THE PEOPLE PET VET DR. EVAN ANTIN" , An animal Doc with a Wild Side. They used one of my photos FEATURED PHOTO: Evan and the African Serval "Mondo" from my publicity shoot with Evan Antin at the amazing Animal Tracks. An animal sanctuary that you too can visit and experience these gorgeous animals!

Go take a tour and meet the animals! It's FANTASTIC!

Web site:

Congratulations to EVAN ANTIN on being featured in the NOVEMBER issue of PEOPLE Magazine (see my other post) and the DECEMBER issue of PEOPLE too! I'm thrilled for Evan and it's great to see the photos we did together get some PR!