The BEST Cheech and Chong comedy scene of all time!

Hi there!

How are things?!

As a Los Angeles photographer I love to watch comedy!

And so.. Here is the BEST Cheech & Chong comedy scene of ALL time!

This scene is from my favorite Cheech & Chong movie,


If you haven’t seen it well.. You’re in for a treat!

Go rent it. Or download it.

Or you can buy or rent the movie on YOUTUBE.

Some great lines:

“ We’re gonna die of heat frustration out here”.

“That’s desert music man. “

“ Me and my old lady.. we like… to get outside.”

“Sometimes..We are so much in love.. that we go on a picnic and don’t

even take any beer.”

Now… For the scene.

And.. If you’re feeling a little sad & need

a nice pick me up, sing along.

I send this to my brother every time he’s in a mood.

If you have a favorite Cheech & Chong comedy scene that you think is funny

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