INFO for Actor Head Shots

Every session includes:

1) A pre shoot wardrobe / STYLING session 30 -60 min.

Wardrobe is KEY! We collaborate together while staying true to who you are and your brand and also marketing you effectively to the industry.

It's a $150 value & it's included in your shoot!


A 20 min. follow up After the photos are finished, now what?

I will give you my suggestions & favorites for marketing to agents / casting and for social media! 

INCLUDED with shoot!

Additional consulting / marketing time is available.

2) You are the only shoot on your shoot day ( NO STACKING CLIENTS) 

 Have you ever been in a shoot and half way through the shoot, the photographers next client shows up ?  

You feel rushed and you don't feel good about all of that money you just spent.

That won't happen here!

You get the time you need in order to succeed!

We take the time to be creative and get it right!


3) You get a photo gallery of edited shoot.

A photo gallery of edited shoot is provided for you & your reps. 

You can pick out favorites & share with friends.

4) I HAVE great Make-Up Artists who I've worked with for many years! 

They are available for an extra charge.

Men: $75 - $150 depending on how many looks & half day / full day

Women: $150 -$175 for half day  (2-4 looks)  - $200 - $300 for full day.

 MU artist will do all make-up and light hair changes. They do stay for your whole shoot!

I also have a GREAT resource for make-up

if you don't need a MU

at the shoot! 

* Please call direct 323 854 0007 and ask about Make-up.

5) RETOUCHING is $12 - basic clean up / includes removing basic distractions ( blemishes, whiten teeth, small stray hair, skin smoothing, under eyes )     $20 -$25 a photo for more advanced editing. 

$45 a photo for background change & includes two different background choices.

Please go to my contact page and ask for price quote which will be based on how many looks you need, location etc. and if I already work with your agent or manager. Please mention if you were referred by an agent, manager, casting director or one of my clients!

If you like to have your questions answered in detail

Call me direct 323 854 0007


All shoots must be completed with in 45 days. There are no refunds. Industry guarantee: you will receive at least one usable shot per look / category!



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GREAT - ON CAMERA COMMERCIAL / IMPROV AND VOICE -OVER WORKSHOP RESOURCE: Commercial & Voice Over Casting director - Terry Berland

Check Terry's web site for upcoming dates on classes!

Click on "ACTORS WORKSHOPS" in the top left corner.

YOU will LOVE IT! ( Promise)


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