For commercial fashion , editorial , portrait, publicity , social media shoots please contact me directly for a quote: 323 854 0007 email

Regarding Headshot shoots: I take a custom approach to my shoots. Which means I don't shoot everyone the same.

It all depends on your preferences , agents / managers preferences and how we are going to market you. And I shoot many different ways: Natural light, studio, night shoot, location etc


We meet for a ( click here to watch wardrobe testimonials) wardrobe / styling session & go over each look prior to shoot day. 60 min. session & PRICELESS because it adds production quality to your shots and simplify's the process & gives you peace of mind. You will know exactly what to bring to shoot day!


You get lots of shoot time because I never stack clients. Yes, you can relax and enjoy your shoot & not worry that your time is up!

I am well known for giving direction and knowing when you've "dropped out" and no longer present. Think of me as your safety net. And that's how we get shots that have life & personality!

And I do a 20 min. follow up with you to go over favorites for marketing etc. and if your looking for representation or putting together a campaign to casting, I can help.


INFO for Actor Head Shots



1 Look: $300

One look package includes: wardrobe consult to get the most "range" from your look, two background changes for commercial / theatrical markets, two retouched images, file of edited shoot ( 25 - 50 images ) & 20 min. follow up.

* Note: Taking a jacket, tie , glasses off does not equal a separate look.

2 Looks : $400  

3 Looks: $500

4 LOOKS: $600

Additional Looks = $75 a Look


After the photos are finished, now what?

In every shoot there are always a lot of cool images that don't get used unless I post them on my social media or web site. Yep, clients leave rad marketing on the table because they don't know what to do with it!


I will give you my favorites for marketing to agents / casting and for social media! 

INCLUDED with shoot!

Additional consulting / marketing time is available. 

$175 for two hours  


4) I HAVE great Make-Up Artists who work in the industry

They are available for an extra charge. You will pay the MU Artist directly on shoot day.

Men: $75 for 1 look - $150 for half day ( up to 4-5 Looks)

Women: $150 -$175 for half day  (2-4 looks)  - $200 - $300 for full day.

 MU artist will do all make-up and light hair changes. They do stay for your whole shoot!

I also have a GREAT resource for make-up

if you don't need a MU Artist at the shoot 

* Please call direct 323 854 0007 and ask about Make-up.

5) RETOUCHING is $12 - basic clean up / includes removing basic distractions ( blemishes, whiten teeth, small stray hair, skin smoothing, under eyes )     $20 -$25 a photo for more advanced editing. 

$40 a photo for background change & includes two different background choices.


 If I work with your agent or manager. Please mention this and if you were referred by an agent, manager, casting director or one of my clients!

If you like to have your questions answered in detail

Call me direct 323 854 0007

All shoots must be completed with in 45 days. There are no refunds. Industry guarantee: you will receive at least one usable shot per look / category! ( You will get a lot more)

Clients are permitted to use images for headshots to market to industry professionals ( agents , managers, casting, producers , IMDB etc.), personal web site, and ALL social media. 

Photo credit is required on IMDB, personal web site and social media post must be credited and tagged.

By shooting with us you agree to these terms.







It takes more than lights and a fancy camera to capture the essence of an actor, it takes Keli Squires Taylor, THE creative force behind great headshots.

Keli thinks about the details, she took the time to get to know me, my brand; she wanted to know exactly what I needed and how we were going to get there together.

Our first visit was a complete hair and wardrobe consultation, followed by open communication of ideas and inspiration.  Then the day of the shoot, hair and make up, test shots and well thought out backgrounds and locations.

She captured me alive- on pixels- the actor in the moment.

I’ve worked with many talented and kind photographers, but none seem to capture exactly who I am like Keli did.  There’s not a lot of people out there like Keli, she is 100% focused; she is an artist, an expert, a calculated risk taker who knows what works… she creates fabulous headshots!!! 

– Jayde Keif/ Actress

KELI IS AMAZING! Such a great photographer to work with! She's easy going, willing to work with you & makes sure you get GREAT shots!



- Chris Hassler


I've shot with Keli twice & recently booked a recurring role on a pilot and national spot for Mercedes!


- Issac Keys


IMG_0320 copy copy 2.jpg

"YOUR PHOTOS are "DOOR BUSTERS" - Sheila Cutchlow


I've booked over 10 National spots! - Frankie Ray / Coast To Coast Talent Agency



Booked 9 Commercials! 



-Theo Clark


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