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" I had the privilege of shooting with one of my favorite people in the world,

Keli Squires Taylor

Not only does she create a warm, friendly, fun, relaxing and positive environment but more importantly...Her shots have gotten me work!!

I've booked tons of national commercial spots with Keli's shots! - CHRIS HILL

“Keli is very communicative,

& is always seeking to find the BEST possible shot.”

“I've shot with the very expensive photographers

and the cheap photographers in town

who do not put a fraction

of  the personal attention to detail

and investment that Keli does in her clients!”


Working with Keli was as Awesome time! She beautifully captured my essence through the camera and got who I am.

Keli kept the fun going, so it never felt like work and the collaboration brought out dope, diverse, colorful, thriving images that still have me in awe!

I felt free and liberated after my session with Keli!

- Jamal Douglas

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KELI IS AMAZING! Such a great photographer to work with! She's easy going, willing to work with you & makes sure you get GREAT shots!

- Chris Hassler

I've shot with Keli twice & recently booked a recurring role on a pilot and national spot for Mercedes!

- Issac Keys

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"YOUR PHOTOS are "DOOR BUSTERS" - Sheila Cutchlow

I've booked over 10 National spots! - Frankie Ray / Coast To Coast Talent Agency

Booked 10 National and Regional Commercials!

-Theo Clark


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Over 200 Client reviews on


WORKING with Keli was the dream! I've never liked my commercial shots and luckily Keli' changed all of that! I also got some great theatrical shots too!

Keli is cool and easy to work with , and most importantly - she knows what she's doing and produces AMAZING shots! - Leandra Terrazzano


I shot with Keli Years ago and then shot with several other photographers. Keli's photos still pulled in the most auditions!

Shot with Keli again and my theatrical agent picked 11 photo's! C'mon you don't get better then that! - Kim Reed

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I'm still using Keli's photos , years later and casting directors beg me not to change them!


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I booked two guest stars , three movies and two commercials.

-Philipe Simon

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I've booked 9 commercials - Matt Champagne

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So I've booked since we shot: AT&T, Marriott, General Hospital, Criminal Minds. - Dorcus Tjeda


Keli is not only a great photographer, she's also like a personal manager. I booked Two NATIONAL Commercial Campaigns!

- Tyler Evans




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“I would tell any actor out there

who needs new shots and feels overwhelmed

by all the choices..


Let me clarify it for you.

Go to Keli Squires Taylor!”

Maya P

Maya P

Working with Keli was a pleasure!

I deal with a lot of photographers in the business I work in and Keli is a class act!

She is an expert with a great idea, while providing excellent direction and feedback throughout the entire process.

Keli exceeded my expectations and I can’t give her a better recommendation, and plan to book again with her for a second shoot!

- Maya P

Vanessa Giselle by Keli Squires Taylor Photography ©

Vanessa Giselle by Keli Squires Taylor Photography ©

I am so EXCITED about my photos! This is my third time shooting with Keli Squires Taylor and she has done it again!


Keli really listens to your needs as an Actor or Model and helps bring them to life, while adding a creative flair that is like no other photographer that I've ever worked with.


She knows how to elevate what would be a "typical" headshot and take it to the next level!


She helps you put together great looks and outfits that really accentuate your best traits and truly help your personality shine through!

Keli is always thinking outside the box, and your photos will stand out and leave an impression on people because of this!


I also enjoy working with her because she is a sweetheart and she is fun to work with!

She provides a comfortable atmosphere and really takes in her clients wants and needs, while offering helpful tips and advice.


She has a background in fashion, acting, and was she was also a Manager for Actors for years.

She knows what casting directors are looking for and keeps up with all of the latest trends in photography.


She is also super detail-oriented, and has a great understanding of the technical side of photography.


The lighting in her studio is always spot-on, and she always gets you to connect with the camera.

 Not everyone can shoot both Models AND Actors (although a lot of photographers try to).

It takes two different sets of skills and Keli is one of the few photograpers who can shoot both!

  If you are a Model or an Actor (or both), her pictures will help take you to the next level! 

- Vanessa Giselle

Recurring on Vida on Starz, Shameless


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From the moment I spoke to Keli, I could tell this was going to be a different experience. She took the time to find out what I do & what I bring to the table as an actor.

The shoot was FUN, highly detailed! I got fantastic photos from Keli! Great work!

- Jeff Sumner

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Keli is AWESOME! I hate pictures of myself & tense up whenever a camera is pointed at me.

This was literally the first positive experience I've had getting pictures taken! 

Keli is very talented, has a fantastic eye, and will make sure you look your best!

I felt very comfortable & I knew I was in great hands! 

For the time Keli spent with me & the range I got on just a one look shoot, it was an EXCELLENT deal!

I recommend her to my friends & will definitely be back for more pictures !


- Sunghi / Super Stylist / Stand-up Comedian


Booked Co-star roles on Fox's Rosewood and Corporate on Comedy Central. A Guest Star on Mini Series Dead Women Walking and  a 3 episode recurring Guest Star on The Detour on TBS. -

-Heath McGough


You're in great hands with Keli! She's creative , professional, meticulous and enjoys what she does! The pre shoot styling / wardrobe is brilliant ! I was able to relax on shoot day! - Kita Harrison

Update: October 2017: Just had three auditions in one week! Pics are working! - NOVEMBER 2017 - Just BOOKED : The Sandy Hook Promise PSA !! ( YAY!)

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Keli, she really helped me break out of my shell.

Very helpful techniques & inside info from someone with experience!

I've already booked a Honda commercial! So I made my investment back!

Recently shot again for our 2nd shoot and again got a great mix

of commercial, theatrical & some dope editorial shots for social media!

Her quirky sense of humor makes her a joy to work with & I recommend her to everyone!

She elevated my relevance in the industry quickly.

Keli's work is kicking doors open!

-Sean Lucero


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Keli goes way above & beyond,

With Keli..It feels more like a creative collaboration

than a "headshot shoot".

Keli adds her creative integrity as an artist

And she grasps the unique qualities that

make YOU marketable!


If she gets inspired in the moment based on something

you brought out or a certain light or background change..

Her excitement is contagious &

Further incites more creative and unique images!


She is very communicative,

& is always seeking to find the best

possible shot for each look!


I've shot with the very expensive photographers

and the cheap photographers in town

who do not put a fraction

of  the personal attention to detail

and investment that Keli does in her clients!


I would tell any actor out there

who needs new shots and feels overwhelmed

by all the choices..


Let me clarify it for you.

Go to Keli Squires Taylor!


-Jason Paul Field

Actor / Writer / Artist /  20 year industry professional / CSI, House, Medium, Numbers Third Watch, Law & Order