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Keli Squires Taylor is a photographer based in Los Angeles. She also shoots in New York. 

Her Portraits have been featured in The National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C., PEOPLE, Elle, Buzz Feed, GMA and other publications.

Keli's actor and model clients have booked several hundred commercials. print and theatrical gigs. Her photos for business clients have worked so well that they are afraid to change them. And her fashion portraits and personal portraits hang on the walls in her clients homes.

When Keli chills. She chills with her four legged crew. A mercurial poodle named Brando Picasso and a sweet adorable pit bull named Vivian. 

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About Keli Squires Taylor

Portrait of Keli Squires Taylor shot by Daren Scott.

Edited by Keli Squires Taylor


Born in San Francisco. Educated in Canada. Moved back to California by way of  Orange County as a young lass and spent time dreaming of working and creating in Los Angeles and New York.


I always wanted to create cool photographs and artwork that you would love and appreciate.


Whether that image hung on your wall, or represented you and your brand you’d know it was our image and you would remember the fun time we had together while creating it!


You would remember our meeting and how I really cared about the details of our shoot! 


And.. You would remember something funny that was said.  You would laugh to yourself and maybe share it with a friend.


You would remember that you felt very comfortable and it seemed like…We were on an adventure together because we shared all of those fun moments and created these interesting  stories.


Then you would remember how you felt when you looked at the images in the camera. That excited feeling in your stomach because… You knew… We had something special!


Then sure enough…When you looked at the final images, there were so many to choose from.

And that was such a great feeling!

Now those images are still some of your favorite images!


Whether you look at them everyday on your wall and a smile moves across your face or perhaps those images have helped you gain a lot of opportunities and helped make you a lot of money $$$


Either way…


You appreciate those images & you enjoyed the experience!


No one is shot the same.


Quotes are given for each shoot.


We would prefer to speak to you directly

And learn about your project rather than email.


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or.. If you must.


If you do email and we haven’t replied within 24 hours..

It means... We didn’t get your email.


So then call us anyway.

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Thank you mucho.


Keli Squires Taylor




Animal lover

Yoga pant aficionado


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