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" I hired Keli for an exotic animal shoot! Keli was great and I really enjoyed working with her!  I was very happy with the results! - Dr. Evan Antin PEOPLE Magazines HOT VET over 1M followers Instagram @Dr.EvanAntin

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Because my background is in photography, talent management and career consulting, I am constantly asked for advice on the best way to market to agents and casting!

I am offering a 20 min. Career consult FREE!

That's right! I will consult with you over the phone or skype or face time for 20 mins. FREE!

If you would like a free 20 min. Career consult then please contact me directly with the form below   / 323 854 0007

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Keli Squires Taylor is the creative force behind great photos!

She is 100% focussed.

Keli is an artist. An expert.

A calculated risk taker who knows what works.

And she creates fabulous headshots!

- Jade Keif / Actress - Featured Photo & Testimonial

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"From the moment I spoke to Keli, I could tell this was going to be a different experience. 

She took the time to find out what I do and what I bring to the table as an actor.

She even went to my web site to do her own research.

The shoot was fun, highly detailed and I didn't feel rushed or pressured at all!

I got Fantastic photos from Keli and have been getting nothing but compliments.

Great Work!  - Jeff Sumner