Sheila Cutchlow

Coast To Coast Commercials / Theatrical

Cutler Management 

"Your photos are Door Busters !"

- Sheila Cutchlow


I shot with Keli in 2009 and those photos have lasted 8 years and I’ve Booked
with the help of her photos.

I recommend Keli to anyone who needs a great photographer and an advocate in their career!

- Rona Par
Pics have been up a couple of weeks & I’ve had 5 theatrical auditions - Scott Hamm


Keli, she really helped me break out of my shell.

Very helpful techniques & inside info from someone with experience!

 I’ve already booked a Honda commercial! So I made my investment back!

Recently shot again for our 2nd shoot and again got a great mix

of commercial, theatrical & some dope editorial shots for social media!

Her quirky sense of humor makes her a joy to work with & I recommend her to everyone!

She elevated my relevance in the industry quickly. 

Keli’s work is kicking doors open!  

-Sean Lucero